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The Smulhoeve offers the opportunity to lease a pony from November through March.

Having your own pony is a lot of work and also brings a lot of responsibilities and high costs. Do you love horses and prefer to be in the stable as often as possible? Then riding once a week at the riding school is not ideal. The Smulhoeve offers children and their parents from the area of Kaatsheuvel the opportunity to get acquainted with all aspects of having their own pony. So you have the joys, but not the burdens. For a fixed amount per month you have your own pony at your disposal. On your fixed day you decide what you do with your lease pony, whether you just ride or polish or do some dressage in freedom together. On these days you are responsible for your own pony.

Lease cost per month, assuming visit on:
2 days per week, excluding a weekend day € 170,-
2 days per week, including a weekend day € 190,-
3 days per week, excluding a weekend day € 240.
3 days per week, including a weekend day € 260,-
6 days lease, including 1 weekend day € 400,-

Do you have a leased pony during the winter months? Then you can ride a pony from April 1 to November 1 via a strippenkaart. You then pay € 20,- per ride, with a strippenkaart (10 strippenkaart = € 200,-).
If you buy a strippenkaart for 30 strips, you get € 40,- discount and pay € 560,-.


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